All My Love, from The Land Of Morning Calm

All My Love, from the Land Of Morning Calm—Silver Award Winner in the 2015 Global eBook Awards—is an engaging and compelling tale of diplomats and crime lords, intrigue and deception, murder and revenge, illicit love and ties that bind spanning two decades, hemispheres, and cultures.


The novel chronicles the adventures of a spirited young American woman who follows her new husband to his post at Osan Airbase in South Korea. When the marriage falls apart, as it invariably does when built on the flimsy foundation of romantic daydreams and youthful passion, Cara Youngblood chooses to remain in the country that has captured her heart, determined to rise from the ashes of her flawed decisions, lost opportunities, and failures—to rebuild her life.


Cara Youngblood – Intrepid and self-reliant, Cara challenges conventional boundaries, willing to reinvent herself to survive-to embrace love.
A walk on the beach… a stirring… a Pandora’s box.
Moon Hyo – a diplomat deeply steeped in the customs of his country and bound by the heritage of his politically-powerful family. His one desire—to possess Cara.
A meeting… an affair… an ultimatum.
Michael Lee – U. S. born Korean. Enigmatic, even to those closest to him, a man of diverse talents and hidden truths. Devoted guardian and confidant to Cara, and yet….
A mission… a complication… a calm resolve.
Kang Dae Ho – Undercover for Seoul’s Organized Crime Unit, luring Cara with a powerful attraction from the first moment they met. A trust that would prove perilous.
A warning… a diabolical plan… a sacrifice.

Awards & Achievments

  • Winner, Silver Medal ~ 2015 Global eBook Awards
  • Five Star Review at

Whereby I see that Time's the king of men,

He's both their parent, and he is their grave,

And gives them what he will, not what they crave.

Pericles, Act II, Scene 3 ~ William Shakespeare

Jodi P
A thoroughly enjoyable experience
July 12, 2015

The story of Cara’s evolution from young adulthood to a seasoned and sophisticated career woman in South Korea draws you in and keeps you wanting more. R L Lee weaves a tapestry of idealism, intrigue, love and cultural distinctions into a tale the reader cannot get enough of. All My Love is well written, thoughtfully choreographed and meant to touch the soul.

Kristen Maze
 I didn’t want to put it down
July 18, 2015

It was a very entertaining read. Such good drama I didn’t want to put it down toward the end. I look forward to reading more from R. Lee.

What a great read, entertaining
August 7, 2017

My wife read Ms. Lee’s book a couple of years ago. In fact, she’s read the second one too!

I never had time to get around to it until recently when I “road the rails” through Canada. Lots of reading time on a train. I was immediately captured. What a great, entertaining, and easy read. The short chapters are a delight. While it’s a novel, I learned a lot about South Korea and northern California (I’m a native but I still learned somethings new). I’m not going to give the ending away, but it almost blew me off the train!

I highly recommend it.