R.L. Lee

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

R. L. Lee was born into a lively and loving Italian-American family in a small railroad town in rural Northern California. It was a great, uncomplicated childhood where she indulged her imagination and dreamed of one day seeing the world.

After college, she ventured into the workforce at Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, then moved from the Bay Area to the state capitol and on to healthcare, law, banking, and financial services.

Between career changes, she became a professional dancer, doing summer tours with a popular local Big Band, and performing on television, at charity functions, and dance venues in and around the Sacramento area.

Her most enduring passion is storytelling, having previously written two novels, a theatrical play, and several screenplays. All My Love, from The Land Of Morning Calm, Book 1 of the Cara Youngblood Moon Novels, is her first foray into the published arena.

The Cara Youngblood Moon Series is a compilation of factual and fictionalized events, people, and places. It has been a four-year work of love, a journey of warm memories, and a realization of a long-awaited achievement. Before embarking on the third and final volume of the series, Lee polished and presented a Southwest-themed adventure novel entitled "Mira Loma," a work started in her youth.

She now happily lives, works, and writes in her hometown in Northern California.

Photography credit:

"R.L. Lee" by Nicole Cherie Dove